BaBylissPRO DLC T-Blade 2.0mm Deep Tooth


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Replacement Blade for BaBylissPRO FX787 Models

Experience the power of Barberology. BaBylissPRO DLC T-Blade 2.0mm Deep Tooth FX707BD2 is a replacement blade for BaBylissPRO Skeleton Outliner Hair Trimmers. Designed to fit all models of the BaBylissPRO FX787 Outliner Trimmer. 360° exposed, zero gap, DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) T-blade. Extremely hard, retains sharpness, lower blade temperature.


  • Replacement blade for all BaBylissPRO FX787 Outliner Trimmers
  • DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon): Extremely hard, retains sharpness, lower blade temperature
  • 360° exposed, zero gap T blade
  • Deep tooth blade 2.0mm
  • Great for all hair textures, especially coarse hair. Wider gaps in the teeth allow for bulk removal of hair quickly.
  • DLC protects moving parts from abrasion, maintaining smooth movement much longer than uncoated parts
  • Corrosion resistant and durable
  • Colour: Black




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