Wahl Coloured 8 Pack Guards


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Create your desired look with ease with the Wahl Colored Cutting Guides. Each cutting guide is designed to glide through hair quickly and efficiently for a smooth, time saving finish that both you and your client will appreciate. For your convenience, these Cutting Guides are color coded for each size. You get 8 combs, each with a different color and different cutting length. The lengths range from 1/8” to 1” for a full range of options with seamless accuracy. The Color Coded Cutting Guides include 8 cutting guides in different colors and size and an organizer tray to keep your station neat and transportation easy. What’s your favorite color?
• 8 cutting guards
1 x #1
1 x #2
1 x #3
1 x #4
1 x #5
1 x #6
1 x #7
1 x #8




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