Wahl Corded Detailer Trimmer


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Your barber’s favorite precision trimmer: the 5 Star Detailer. This tool is designed for extremely close trimming, creating crisp clean lines, facial hair detailing and design, and detailed hair tattooing. Equipped with a t-wide blade (1/4” wider than a standard Wahl t-blade), the extended blade cutting area produces faster cutting results, convenient for both you and your clients. It’s all in the details with this precision barber trimmer!

Aust Product No. : WA8081-712

Barcode EAN:

Blade Type: WA2215

Cord Length: 2.4m

Cutting Length: 0.4mm Adjustable blade length 0.4mm-0.6mm

Cutting Width: 35mm

Manufactured: USA

Motor / Drive: Rotary

Power Input: corded

Voltage: 110-240v 50-60Hz

Weight: 190g




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