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About our company

Welcome to Hairxpress, the number one source for all your barber needs.

At Hairxpress we are dedicated to giving you quality products, reasonable prices, and exceptional service. Founded in 2018 by Sam Serhan, Hairxpress has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Our online shop offers professional barber supplies across Australia and beyond from our base in Sydney NSW.

Our Story

When Sam first started out in the barber game, back in 2006, he worked as an apprentice learning and cutting on his friends and family. Working at various barbershops, Sam’s love for the art of barbering grew as time progressed. Moving forward to 2009, Sam had a vision, with only 3 years in the industry, he took a gamble and ventured out on his own, opening what is now famously known as Sammy’s Barbershop in Rockdale.
After many years in the industry, Sam saw the barber industry was lacking and falling behind in the worlds trends. Using his expertise gained from working in the barber industry over the past 14 years Sam set out to revolutionise the barber industry in Australia.

Our commitment

With all our products trialled and tested by Sam and his team of experienced barbers, you can be rest assured that these products cater to the individual needs of every barber. We strive to provide products of superior quality not just in terms of functionality but also giving barbers the perfect solution to modify their tools, making them more aesthetically pleasing.

Our inspirations

Some people may question where the inspiration of Bravo derived from. Growing up many people watched the cartoon Johnny Bravo. The series centred on the main character Johnny, a confident,
sunglasses-wearing, muscular young man who lives with his mother and attempts to get women to date him. His pride in his appearance resonates deep within that Barber and customer relationship, where people leave a barbershop wanting to feel the same level of confidence that Mr Bravo felt. At Hairxpress we feel it is our responsibility to provide the perfect tools to help facilitate and encourage this positive interaction.

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